I'm a Mormon

That means that I'm a Christian.  We call ourselves Mormon's because The Book of Mormon seems to set us apart (and it just kinda happened - everyone started calling us that).  If you're a Christian, you'll love these Bible Videos that our church recently made.  You can also learn more about our beliefs here - or just email me - I'd love to talk, I'm not pushy and I do have friends who aren't Mormon  :)  This is one of my favorite videos about Christ:

I believe that Christ is real.  Sometimes it seems too good to be true that He would suffer for the pains, injustices, sins, heartaches of the world.  Too fantastic to think "All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ (reference here)." There are times that I feel confused and sad and when I don't feel close to God.  But, I keep trying to live a religious life - partly because I want it to be true and partly because I've felt its true in the past.  I want there to be a Supreme Being.  One who is loving and cares about His children on earth and their suffering.  Someone who will help me, and us, through it.  So, I believe that this is true, and when I watch that video - I feel that it is.  

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