Free Quilts

Yes, that's right - I give away quilts for free.  I try to give them to any child struggling with a chronic illness.  It can be anything from asthma to cerebral palsy.  It works like this: anyone can donate here and then I use that money to buy materials.  I only use the donated money for materials and all my time is donated.  I then quilt some of the quilts myself, or Annette Russon quilts them on her long arm machine.  She does a beautiful job (her time is also donated).

Then, I really like to have the quilts hand delivered - which means that I need your help!  If you know a child or a family who is struggling with a chronic illness, let me know what quilt you think they would like.  I will send the quilt to you (I ask that you pay for the shipping charges - usually around $12) or if you live in Utah Valley, we can meet up.  Then, deliver the quilt with the love of all the people who have donated behind it.

Here are the current quilts available that need a new home:


And here are the quilts that we've made together and are already in their new home:


  1. This is really a generous offer. God's Blessings to you <3

  2. Such a wonderful thing. I made a quilt and got it mailed off to a friend's daughter who was just recently diagnosed with cancer of the bone.

  3. Replies
    1. I make quilts in many sizes. If you'd like to know more specifics, contact me at Thanks!


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