Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Binding with the Quilt Back

I know this looks a lot like a recent post - but after I made my niece that pillow, I had to make a mini quilt for my girls wall.  And since I used the backing as the binding, here's some tips.

I really like this tutorial by Cluck Cluck Sew on how to use the backing as the binding.  Like Allison says, cut the backing so that its one inch bigger than the quilt top.

But then, I like to just do two sides at one time, then do the other two rather then pinning the whole thing (its really nice to not have to pivot).  I press the top and bottom over once, then over again and pin and sew.

It'll look like this:

Then, you fold down each corner and press like this:

Now fold the piece over once and press it.  Fold over again on itself and press, then pin it.

I pin the corner twice, once right on the edge and again an inch away.

Then, sew two straight seams again - do a couple back stitches at the beginning and end.

My first mini quilt - they really are fun to make, and my daughter was so excited when I hung it on her wall.

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