Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gingham Quilt Tutorial

For exact fabric requirements, check out my pattern here

To make a gingham quilt, you'll need three different colors of fabric.  One white, black, and grey.  Of course you can use other colors, just one light, dark and inbetween. Cut your fabric into 4 inch strips.

Sew one white and grey, and then one black and grey.  (Right sides together of course, and with a 1/4 inch seam).

Press the seam allowance of both strips towards the grey (or medium toned) fabric.

Cut your strips into 4" units as pictured below.  Sew with right sides together, and nest the seams.

Pull one side of your seam allowance up, and the other down to spread out the bulk of the seam.  Press.

Now you've got your units to make your gingham quilt.  For more detailed instructions and fabric requirements, you can check out my pattern here.  It gives the instructions for 4 sizes!

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