Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All About Baby Blankets

I think I found my favorite new way to wrap baby blankets - just fold it up and add some twine.

  Here's some tips on how to make an easy baby blanket out of left over layer cake squares - for this pattern, I started with 32 left over squares.  Cut your 10" squares into 5" strips.  Set aside half of your strips for another baby blanket later.  Then sort them into two piles, one neutral and one bold.  

Sew one bold to one neutral until all your strips are used.

Press each seam allowance towards the darker fabric, then cut your strips in half, so each one measures 5" across. 

Flip one pile over as pictured below - this makes it easy to be sure your squares random.  Take the top of each pile and sew them together, nesting the seams as you go (here's a tutorial for nesting - watching it is easier then me trying to explain).  Now you'll have blocks with 4 patches in each block.

I made 16 blocks, sewed them into 4 rows of 4, then finished up by sewing the rows together.

I backed mine with ultra cuddle fabric from Joanns (as usual) and quilted in straight lines following the block pattern.

This fabric line is "Bright Sun" and comes out in October.  I love the little arrows and polka dots - perfect for a little girl.


  1. Very cute and inspirational! I'm heading up to the sewing room right now! :) Thanks.
    Love the line too. {Did you put any batting in there?}

    1. Thanks - its fun bright fabric. I didn't put any batting in. For baby blankets, I like a lighter weight.

  2. Love this Lauren, great tutorial! Makes me want to go sew a million baby blankets right now


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