Wednesday, April 1, 2015


This is one of my favorite quilts I've made so far - and my first successful free motion quilt.  Woot!
Here's the tutorial I used that inspired me to give free motion another try.  
But something she doesn't mention here that was a big game changer for me - was having a machine that will run the needle without the presser foot. machine has a button that I push, which will give me a steady state needle, going up and down at the same speed, until I push the button again, which makes it stop.  That made it so I only had to focus on moving the quilt with my hands, not also trying to control the pedal.  I guess I would never make a good drummer.  But my little brother might make a great free motion quilter.

Fly Away Quilts


  1. Congratulations on a great FMQ job! I love your quilt! But now I'm dying to know, what type of machine do you have?

    1. Thanks so much! I love getting your comments :) I have a Baby Lock Grace and I love it. The sales guy said that its made so that its nearly impossible to throw the timing off (which is what killed my last machine). Who knows if that's really true...but here is a review I found:


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