Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Invisible Hem and Easter Dress

Last year, I decided to make Easter Dresses for the girls on Easter morning at 6 am, and we were at church at 1 pm...but it was a really stressful day (as you can imagine, or empathize).  I promised Jon I'd never do that again.  So - Ta da!

I also wanted to post how to do can invisible hem (for my own reference).  I remember the first time my Mom showed me how to do it, and I thought it was magic.  I always have to re-figure it out every time. 

Here's a picture of the raw edge you'll start with.

 Fold up 1/2 - 1 inch and iron.

 Fold up again the same amount and iron.

Now the tricky part: hold your fabric like pictured above, and slide the hem up so it clears the rest of the fabric and sticks out above.

 Here's a picture of when to stop - when the upper edge of your hem doesn't have any other fabric behind it.  So this is the front view and below is the back view.

 (These directions probably won't make sense unless you have the fabric in your hand).  Pin all the edge around this way.

 Here's a inside out and right side out view of how it'll look when you have it all pinned.

Now you need to find the right stitch on your machine.  On mine - its number 11.

 Start on the part of the hem that's poking out (for the straight stitches).  Then, every now and then the V stitch will jump down and catch part of your hem.  You can see that it barely even catches it.  That's what you want.  If it catches too much of the dress, it'll make it pucker.

 After you've sewn, fold it out and iron all the way around.

Here's the finished product.  Can you even see those tiny vertical hem stitches?  The more busy your cloth, the more they'll disappear.

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