Monday, March 30, 2015

Cutting and Assembly Tip

I just finished my first Swoon block! 

I can see why this pattern is so popular.  It was kind of intense (as you can tell if you look at the back) but so satisfying to finish.  I think I'll do these blocks one at a time instead of just chain piecing everything. 

I'm planning on making 10 blocks, where the pattern calls for 16.  To make it easier, I kept track with paper plates, writing how many squares and the dimensions I'd need to make just one block on the side.  
Then I kept tally of how many different kinds of fabric I'd cut.  It made it much easier to just pick the fabrics I wanted and not have to keep looking at the pattern and re-figuring things out every two minutes.

 Then you can stack the plates in your sewing space - easy to pull out next time you're going to work on your project.  This also made assembly to mix and match fabrics.

Fly Away Quilts


  1. I love the paper plates idea! Your swoon block is beautiful too!

  2. Cute pattern and fabric. You're right, it does look intense!

  3. That looks amazing! I love all your projects. I can't wait to see you again, I always get inspired to quilt when I see you... and I miss and love you too, haha :)


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