Monday, February 9, 2015

Wheelchair Quilt

Ever seen a quilt this shape before?  I recently made a quilt for a sweet girl in a wheelchair.  She lives in a cold winter climate, and its hard for her Mom to get a coat on and off of her.  
So - this is the most customized quilt I've ever made.  We wanted the quilt to fit her exactly while she was sitting in her chair.  She also hates having her hands covered, so we made holes in the middle for her arms to go through.
 Her parents made this pattern for me which helped a ton.  When my 12 inch blocks were prepare, I just laid them out and moved them around.  Then I measured the spaces in between the blocks to fill in with white.

 What do you do if you want Mom's attention?  Stand on her quilt.  Works every time.
We've all been sick this week, so luckily there are older sisters around to distract David from the quilt.


  1. Beautiful. I live in Utah and a dear friend's mother is in a home with Alzheimer's . My friend asked me today to make her mother a quilt - this would be perfect - how can I get a pattern?

    1. Janice, can you email me directly at and we can set something up :)


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