Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wheelchair Quilt - Making Arm Holes

So, this process was a bit of trial and error.  Mostly for my own reference, this is what I did:
 1. Start by cutting a thin slit in your quilt.  1/8 of an inch works best.  (This part if really unnerving)

2. Reinforce the top and bottom with a zig zag stitch. 

 3. Now sew binding on both sides of the opening.  These are two separate pieces of binding, one for each side.  

 4. Trim the edges so there is only 1 inch past the top of your arm opening.  

5. Now, fold the edge in to itself like above.... 

 6. Then fold it over again and tack it down (similar to step 6 in this tutorial).  

7. Now fold it over and whip-stitch it closed, like you would with any normal hand-binding (here's a tutorial if it's your first time).  And you're done!

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