Monday, January 19, 2015

DIY Jeggings or Leggings

For this pattern, I got 3/4 yard of fabric, and made one skirt and one pair of jeggings.  So if you get 1/2 yard, you should have enough.  You'll also need at least one pair of jeggings that fits your child to use as a rough pattern.

 1. Cut two panels of fabric that are twice as wide as one pant leg.

 2. Fold them both in half with the fold towards you.

 3. Place them one of top of another - you now have 4 layers of fabric.

 4. Place the leggings you're using as a pattern on the fabric like so - you want the crotch seam away from you towards the unfolded edge.

 5. Make with chalk and cut on your line.  Add 1 inch on the bottom and 2 inches on the top.  (Note: the line I drew is good for stretchy material.  If you're using something more like typical denim, you need to leave a little extra space.)

 6. Hem the bottom of your pant legs now.  I did a double rolled hem (here's a tutorial if you're a beginner).  Essentially, you fold it up, iron it.  Fold it up again - iron it and then put a seam on top.

7. Now take each pant leg and place it right sides together from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.  They'll look like the pictures below when you're done:
 8. Turn one leg right side out - leave one inside out.

 9. Stuff the right side out leg into the inside out leg - (that's confusing, just look at the picture).

 10. Generously pin along the U-shape and then sew, taking you time on the curve.  I like to reinforce the curved area with a zig zag seam since that's where all the stress is on pants.

11. If you're doing non-stretchy pants, you need to do the traditional casing - and thread through your elastic.  If you're doing stretch leggings, you can use this method.

And there you have it!  (Take that $8 Target leggings).

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