Friday, January 30, 2015

Quilted Soccer Ball

I've been working on a quilt for a little boy who loves athletics.  When his Mom said he likes football, basketball and soccer best I knew I had to figure out the soccer ball.  I was inspired by Allison Harris' football and figured that if she could do a football, a soccer ball would be do-able.  I'm offering this template free of charge, but just ask that you check out my Fund a Quilt project and donate $1.00 so I can continue making personalized quilts for children fighting illness.  Thanks!

Here was my process in making the case you're interested.
- 6 hexagons taped to a poster, fiddle around with them until you think there is an even amount of space between each one.
Draw lines in the middle of the space between the hexagons as shown above.  Now but that out, and you have your white hexagons.  The space above the hexagons you've taped will need to be cut out to make the outer black pieces of your soccer ball.
 When you're ready to sew your skewed shaped hexagons together, use this method.  Yes, you have to do the tracing that she is mentioning, and place dots in each corner if you want it to turn out sharp.

Its so fun to see things go from the paper... the quilt!  Happy sports quilts.  

Basketball tutorial here
Football pattern by Allison Harris here

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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas about quilted soccer ball. These images are really beautiful. I found many informative post's on your blog. Keep sharing!


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