Thursday, January 29, 2015

DIY Quilt Labels

You'll need:
- Freezer paper (from the grocery store, you buy it in a roll)
- Fabric for your label (white or cream...something that isn't too busy)
- An Iron
- A Printer
- ok...needle and thread to sew it on, or a sewing machine - does that go without saying?

Step 1- Cut Freezer paper into 8.5 x 11 inch sheets
Step 2- Bring your fabric and freezer paper to the ironing board.  (Make sure that the steam on your iron is turned off and don't spray any water).

Place the freezer paper, shiny side up on the ironing board, then place your fabric (right side up) on top of it so that you can no longer see the paper, only the fabric.  Press with the dry iron all around.  (Make sure your iron does not come in direct contact with the freezer paper - it'll gunk it up).
 Step 3 - Trim the excess fabric so you have your freezer paper with the fabric measuring 8.5 x 11"
 Step 4- Design your labels - and print.  You'll want to be sure you know which side it will print on so you actually get the ink on the fabric.  Also, only have the fabric page in the paper loading area.
 Step 5 - With your dry iron, press each label to set the ink.
 Step 6 - Here, I turn back on the steam and spray each label, then press again.  I like to make sure that the ink really won't spread when wet before I sew it onto the quilt I just spent five weeks making.

Step 7- Cut the label out.  I like to iron all the sides under, and do a little top stitching around the edges of the label, but you can just iron it if you want.
Step 8 - You can whip stitch it to your quilt back as shown above.  Or, you could sew it to the quilt back way in advance, before you put your quilt sandwich together.

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  1. Thank you for the directions! I have always wondered how to make your own instead of buying the expensive fabric sheets.


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